Meet Andrea Clark!

Andrea is PCANC’s Prevention Networks Manager and has been with the agency since 2018 in a couple different roles. Andrea holds her master’s degree in social work from UNC Chapel Hill, and her bachelor’s degree in social work from Metropolitan State University of Denver. She has been in the family well-being and social work field for over 20 years and is a licensed clinical social worker.

To Andrea, Nurturing Positive Childhoods is an inclusive phrase, because all children deserve to grow up in nurturing environments. In order to nurture positive childhoods, parents and communities also need to be nurtured. Helping our community members be aware of the gift of their presence, and being present with children, is a huge way we can nurture positive childhoods. Learning to be mindful and live in the present can help nurture positive childhoods.

Outside of PCANC, Andrea has a passion for the arts, including painting, dance, music, literature, sculpting and more. While she may not be a professional artist, she very much enjoys them. Her most recent projects that she has enjoyed working on include painting with gouache, earring-making and loom-knitting. She has many family members and friends who are very talented in the arts and enjoys seeing their creations and listening to/watching their performances.

Andrea lives in Asheboro, aka “the Heart of North Carolina,” home to one of the world’s largest natural habitat zoos. She has a combined family consisting of seven children- three of whom have flown the nest across the country to California, Montana and Tennessee.


Meet Monica Hicks!

Monica is a Senior Prevention Programs Specialist with PCANC and has been with the organization for TEN years- WOW!

To Monica, Nurturing Positive Childhoods is about recognizing (and often marveling at) the continual, small, daily tasks and efforts parents have to do to help their children feel loved and supported. These efforts are immeasurable.

“One hope I hold is that parents and caregivers understand how meaningful this nurturance is for children. I also hope parents and caregivers seek their own nurturing as a foundation for the ability to provide for their families,” Monica said.

Over the years, Monica has developed a heightened ability to see families’ strengths as they navigate the ups and downs of modern life. She also has a particularly keen sense of perspective-taking that finds space for differing viewpoints. These are valuable characteristics in supporting forward movement toward any particular goal families might have.

Outside of PCANC, Monica enjoys playing practical jokes on family members. She lives in Durham with her two daughters, Fedora and Aleena. Each of her daughters has a “therapy cat,” Fedora’s is named Cola and Aleena’s is named Marcus Baker (after a popular teen romance show on Netflix). In her free time, Monica can be found striking deals at thrift stores and experimenting with Keto recipes.


Meet Stacey Cunningham!

Stacey is a Prevention Programs Specialist with PCANC. She has been with the organization since 2015.

To Stacey, “Nurturing Positive Childhoods” means ensuring that all families have what they need to raise their children in a safe, stable, nurturing setting. In her role, this means working with agency staff to incorporate best practices that support program delivery to strengthen the five protective factors. Stacey has firsthand experience needing support as a parent- she has participated in both parenting education and peer support programs.

“I see the value of participating in programs both through the eyes of the agencies I partner with and firsthand as a parent. I’ve had leadership opportunities to share my voice and help create change for my family and other families,” Stacey said.

Outside of PCANC, Stacey enjoys spending time with her family and crafting handmade jewelry. She grew up in Raleigh, went to NC State University (go pack!), and now lives in Durham with her husband of 28 years and her four children: Ben-23, Luke- 21, Abby- 20 and Kate- 16. They have three dogs and a very full house! Stacey and her family enjoy taking their dogs on long walks through the neighborhood. This month, she is participating in a 50-mile dog walking fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.


Meet Melinda Neal!

Melinda is PCANC’s Financial Administrative Assistant and has been with the organization for 3 years. Melinda has over 20 years of experience in accounting and administration roles across various industries, including nonprofits.

To Melinda, Nurturing Positive Childhoods begins in the home by making sure each child is a priority and feels valued and heard.

“It is so rewarding to be part of an organization that provides the support families need to ensure all children grow up in safe, stable, nurturing families and communities,” Melinda said.

Outside of PCANC, Melinda likes to spend time with her husband, two children and corgi. She spends a lot of her time outdoors visiting parks and lakes and enjoys kayaking. Since moving to North Carolina, Melinda and her family have become fans of the Carolina Hurricanes.


Meet Christy Bradsher!

Christy is the Vice President of Finance and Administration with Prevent Child Abuse NC and has been with the organization for 5 years. Christy prides herself as a lifelong learner; she loves the beauty of learning and exploring history, as well as new topics. Her background and expertise in Finance and Administration have afforded her the opportunity to be a part of driving meaningful and impactful work.

To Christy, Nurturing Positive Childhoods means to not only take care of children and families within your own circle, but to care for the well-being of children and families in your broader community. She says, “It’s about demonstrating the desire for all children to be cared for, regardless of where or who they are.”

Outside of PCANC, Christy enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and toy poodle, as well as reading, traveling and learning about what is happening all over the world.


Meet Kathy Smith! photo of Kathy Smith

Kathy is a Prevention Programs Senior Specialist and has been with Prevent Child Abuse NC for 13 years, providing support for the Strengthening Families Program, Incredible Years Program, Circle of Parents and Triple P. To Kathy, nurturing positive childhoods is powerful because when we do this well, the impact is exponential; it impacts the child, but then also makes it more likely that the child will b able to nurture positive childhoods when they become an adult.

Outside of PCANC, Kathy enjoys teaching group fitness programs, playing tennis, traveling and spending time with her nieces and nephews.


Meet Erin Meehan!

Erin was recently promoted to Evaluation Director with PCANC. Her background and expertise are born from a combination of rigorous violence prevention research and evaluation training at UNC Chapel Hill and years of experience serving as a Mecklenburg County Guardian ad Litem. She continues to combine her passions for research and ending violence to support PCANC in making data-driven decisions that bridge the gap between research and practice, push our work upstream and prevent child abuse and neglect before it ever occurs.

To Erin, Nurturing Positive Childhoods means striving for a social and economic infrastructure that provides all NC families with the resources needed to make decisions that advance the well-being of our children. Healthy and supported adults and communities = healthy and supported children.
Outside of PCANC, Erin can often be found hanging out with her partner, Andrew. They enjoy riding bicycles, taking their dogs on adventures and obsessing over their orange cat.