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2019 Learning & Leadership Summit - Call for Proposals

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About this Event

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina is pleased to announce our 2019 Learning & Leadership Summit. The theme for this event is, “Connections Matter for Prevention.” The Summit will enhance the practice and leadership skills of participants by providing educational workshops designed to help professionals develop the essential skills necessary to support and strengthen families in their communities, activate support for effective prevention practice, and engage all members of society in promoting what works in effective child maltreatment prevention.

The Learning and Leadership Summit will feature two distinct Tracks:

  • Practitioners/Front Line Staff
  • Administrators/Decision Makers

*Both tracks will include selections for SEASONED PROFESSIONALS (10+ years)

Day 1 will focus on Administrators

Day 2 will focus on Practitioners

Proposals should fit into one or more of the following Learning Clusters:

  1. Raise Awareness about Adverse Childhood Experiences and Commitment to Promote Safe, Stable, and Nurturing Relationships
  2. Use of Data to Inform Actions
  3. Address Key Issues in Successful Implementation of Programs
  4. Promote Agency and Community Leadership to Support Investment in Healthy Child Development
  5. Create a Context for Healthy Children and Families through Policies
  6. New Research
  7. Secondary and Tertiary Prevention of Child Maltreatment
  8. Self-Care for Personal and Professional Well Being

We encourage proposals to come from a variety of areas across the prevention continuum. Summit attendees will include community-based prevention practitioners, child welfare staff, public health providers, treatment providers, mental health practitioners, court personnel, advocates, public and private funders, and representatives from the civic and faith communities.

While a variety of proposals will be accepted, we are particularly interested in workshops on the following topics, with a lens on Equity

  • Racial equity
  • Engagement and recruitment
  • Evidence Based programs
  • ACEs data
  • Policy
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • ACEs (includes mental health)
  • Protective Factors
  • Parents/caregivers (includes fatherhood, grandparents, and foster parents)
  • Trafficking and child sexual abuse
  • Self-0Care/secondary trauma
  • Child Abuse Prevention for Specific Risk Factors

Presentation Guidelines

We will be accepting a limited number of proposals. Workshops should be designed for beginning, intermediate, or advanced audiences and be based upon the best scientific, legal, and practice research available. Presenters are expected to offer participants information to help increase their understanding and skills in effective child maltreatment prevention.

The Speaker Information section must be completed by the lead presenter AND each of the co-presenters, and a biographical statement MUST BE included for each person. We cannot accept hand-written, emailed or faxed statements. 

More details are available in our CALL FOR PROPOSALS REQUIREMENTS 2019 document.

The Call for Proposals has ended. Thank you for your interest!


Agreement with Presenter(s)

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina will provide a complimentary, one-day registration for the scheduled date of the workshop for the lead presenter. Lead presenters who would like to attend both days of the Summit will be required to register as one-day participants. Co-presenters may attend at a discounted rate. All presenters attending workshops or luncheons are required to register. Any additional travel, lodging, or meal costs will be the responsibility of the presenters.

Selection Criteria and Review Process

Proposals will be reviewed, and decisions for inclusion in the 2019 Learning & Leadership Summit made by November 30, 2018. Please keep in mind that past attendees have specifically requested workshops that provide them with new information and specific skills or tools to help them enhance their practice. Incomplete proposals will not be considered. Proposals that exceed the specified word count may not be considered. 

Workshops will be scored on the ability of the proposal to meet the following criteria:

  • Workshop proposals should include content that is rigorous and relevant to the identified learning cluster.  
  • Learning objectives should be clearly defined and demonstrate practical impact.
  • Presenters should have deep knowledge of the field and represent a balanced approach to communicating information.
  • Presentation format should be dynamic and engage the audience through participation and discussion.
  • Workshops should provide the audience with concrete approaches/models that can be applied to their work. 


For More Information

For questions or more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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