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The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years Parent Program

The Incredible Years Parent Program is an evidence-based program that fosters healthy development in young children by strengthening parenting competencies and promoting effective strategies for managing children’s challenging behaviors. Parents and caregivers attend weekly
group sessions for 14 to 16 weeks to practice skills that promote children’s academic, social, and emotional skills. Parents learn the very basics of parenting: playing with their children, offering praise and rewards, creating household rules and setting limits, and using positive discipline strategies.

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina supports implementation of the Preschool/Early Childhood BASIC Series (parents of children ages 3-6 years) and the School Age BASIC Series (parents of children ages 6-12 years)

Program Goals

The long-term goals of the IY Parent Program include strengthening families by preventing delinquency, substance abuse, and violence. The overall objectives are to:

  • Promote social, emotional, and academic competence in children
  • Promote parental competence and strengthen families
  • Promote a stronger connection between school and home
  • Prevent and reduce conduct problems in children

Proven Outcomes

FY 2017-2018 Year-End Comprehensive Report


FY 2016-2017 Year-End Snapshot

FY 2016-2017 Year-End Comprehensive Report


FY 2015-2016 Year-End Snapshot

FY 2015-2016 Year-End Comprehensive Report

FY 2015-2016 Mid-year results


The IY Parent Program has been extensively evaluated using randomized control group studies. This research demonstrates that the Incredible Years Program significantly:

  • Reduces aggressive and disruptive behavior in children
  • Reduces conduct problems in children’s interactions with parents
  • Increases parents’ positive affective response
  • Decreases parents’ use of criticism, harsh discipline, and negative commands
  • Increases parents’ use of effective limit-setting and non-violent discipline
  • Reduces parental depression and increases parental self-confidence
  • Increases positive family communication and problem-solving
  • Increases parental involvement with teachers and classrooms

Services Provided by Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina

Pre-implementation Resources

Prior to implementing the program, Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina encourages community agencies to ensure they are ready to implement the program by first assessing the needs of their intended population, considering program philosophy and capacity needed to implement the program, and considering a sustainable plan for securing adequate funding to support effective implementation. To access additional information regarding the program’s goals and objectives as well as basic considerations for implementation, please review the IY Program Implementation Guidelines.

We also encourage you to visit the Incredible Years National Office website for additional information on the program.

IY Training

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina hosts pre-service training for IY facilitators once or twice each year.  The three-day training is provided through the national office by nationally certified trainers. 

Implementation Support

Research indicates that program outcomes increase when practitioners receive ongoing supports, including technical assistance prior to, during, and after implementation. Communities benefit by feeling the full impact of the program when it is implemented as it was intended, with “model fidelity.” Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina provides local communities and organizations with support in implementing the Incredible Years Preschool/Early Childhood and School Age curricula. Our Implementation Support Specialists offer ongoing technical assistance, training, phone consultation, video clip reviews, and coaching sessions in support of facilitators’ goals for improving practice and enhancing model fidelity. We also provide access to networking opportunities for connection to other IY agencies across the state, consultation sessions, and linkage to the statewide evaluation system.

For More Information

Please contact PCANC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or 919-829-8009.

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