This April, National Child Abuse Prevention Month, Prevent Child Abuse NC reinforces the role that each person plays in ensuring that children, families and entire communities thrive by participating in the month-long nationwide campaign: “Everyone Can Make Great Childhoods Happen—Especially You, Especially Now!”

“April is a time to help people across North Carolina understand that safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments are necessary to ensure healthy child development,” explained Prevent Child Abuse NC President & CEO Sharon Hirsch. “We must work in partnership across all sectors to make prevention a priority so children can thrive.”

Equally important is recognizing that the time to act is now. COVID-19 has made life difficult for everyone—especially children and families. Although the risk to our children’s physical health from the outbreak itself appears to be low, the risk to our nation’s children for experiencing child abuse and neglect in times of extreme stress and uncertainty is actually quite high.

School and workplace closings can increase stress in parents’ lives, resulting from loss of income due to lack of paid leave; an unexpected or irregular need for childcare; and even food insecurity, when school meal programs and other valuable resources become unavailable. Additionally, an unintended consequence of social distancing is isolation, which contradicts science proving that social and emotional connectedness and support are protective of mental health and positive discipline strategies.

We recommend the following ways to help raise awareness and impact positive change virtually during this year’s CAP Month:

  • Show support for children and families by wearing blue on April 3, Wear Blue Day, posting a picture or video of yourself on your favorite social media channel(s) and including the #WearBlueDay2020 & #BeAConnection hashtags.
  • Let your representatives know you support family-friendly policies, such as paid sick and family leave, that help reduce stress on parents and caregivers by participating in the 2020 Child Abuse Prevention Month Digital Advocacy Day, on Tuesday, April 28.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and share our posts widely—and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Use the hashtags #GreatChildhoods and #CAPMonth to let us know you’re committed to helping children, families, and entire communities to thrive.

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