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Prevent Child Abuse NC Recognized with Prestigious Nonprofit Ratings

September 27, 2023

Prevent Child Abuse NC (PCANC) has recently been recognized for outstanding commitment to accountability, leadership, adaptability and culture, earning two prestigious nonprofit awards: a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator; and a Platinum Seal of Transparency from Candid, the world’s largest source of nonprofit information.  

PCANC is proud to announce that its strong financial health and ongoing accountability and transparency has earned a top rating from Charity Navigator. This Four-Star Rating designates PCANC as an official “Give with Confidence” charity, indicating that our organization is using its donations effectively based on Charity Navigator’s criteria. PCANC’s rating and other information can be found free of charge on Charity Navigator’s website 

Charity Navigator is America’s largest and most-utilized independent charity evaluator. Since 2001, the organization has been an unbiased and trusted source of information for more than 11 million donors annually. Charity Navigator analyzes nonprofit performance based on four key indicators, referred to as beacons. Currently, nonprofits can earn scores for the Impact & Results, Accountability & Finance, Culture & Community, and Leadership & Adaptability beacons. 

Along with the Four-Star Rating from Charity Navigator, PCANC is proud to be a recipient of a Platinum Seal of Transparency from Candid. To achieve Platinum Seal level, PCANC provided information to fill out our Nonprofit Profile with organizational information about finances, goals, strategies, capabilities and quantitative information about results and progress toward our mission. By taking time to provide this information, PCANC has demonstrated its commitment to transparency and to giving donors and funders meaningful data to evaluate PCANC. 

Candid is a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive insights and data about nonprofit organizations, breaking down financial information for nonprofit organizations as to where funding comes from, where it goes, and what it does.  

“PCANC is proud to receive such important recognition from Charity Navigator and Candid. These ratings provide further validation that our supporters can trust our commitment to good governance and financial health,” said PCANC President & CEO, Sharon Hirsch. “We hope that it will introduce our work to new supporters who can help us advance our mission to nurture positive childhoods across North Carolina.”