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YOU CAN #BeAConnection, especially North Carolina’s Faith Communities, especially now!

Become a Connections Matter Congregation

As a Connections Matter Congregation, we encourage you to choose at least two priorities from the list below that best align with the goals of your place of worship. Prevent Child Abuse NC (PCANC) is here to help support you and to be a partner on your journey to become a Connections Matter Congregation.

Review the list below and then contact Tracey O’Neal, Prevent Child Abuse NC’s Faith-Based Partnership Engagement Manager, to help build your plan. As a Connections Matter Congregation, you will receive a sign to post to shine a light on your congregation’s commitment to young children and families in your community.

How Does Warner Temple AME Zion Connect? PARTNERSHIPS.

Partnering in their neighborhood schools, public services and local business provides many opportunities to make connections that matter.  On school mornings you can find Reverend Clifford Barnett greeting the children of DC Virgo, a K-8 laboratory school in Wilmington, NC.  During these morning greetings, Reverend Barnett learned that many students did not have access to WIFI which was affecting their ability to learn and grow, reached out to see what he and his congregation could do, and collaborated with a local WIFI provider to get access to highspeed broadband internet service where children can connect and do their school assignments.  Warner Temple has also partnered with the New Hanover County Health Department to be a host site for the child nutrition program and a COVID-19 testing site. Visit their Facebook page to learn more of the good works happening at Warner Temple AME Zion.


Feeling a Little Disconnected?  See How Solid Rock UMC is Building Resilience and Community!

Reverend Linda Yow of Solid Rock UMC and Lynda Turlington of the Partnership for Children wanted their large Harnett County community to be a place of connection and relationship; so they got together and took action.  In 2020 Reverend Linda and Lynda hosted a community-wide Resilience Screening with over 120 in attendance, a Community Café and Connections Matter Faith Train the Trainer.  Then COVID happened, but physical distancing did not keep them from connecting with their community, they just did it differently. Rev. Linda and Lynda did not want to stop their momentum and brought their community together by hosting another Community Café, this time virtually. Their dedication and hard work resulted in the creation of the Harnett County Resilience Initiative. Learn more of their initiative here .

Connections Matter Especially at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Cary NC.

What do connections do? They provide Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs). They help buffer trauma and help build RESILIENCE!

In 2018, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Cary screened Resilience and hosted a Community Café which resulted in establishing the St. Paul’s Resilience Ministry. Since then, their Resilience Ministry has developed and presented both in-person and Zoom programs for the congregation, outreach and youth ministry volunteers, and Preschool staff and parents.

St. Paul’s Resilience Ministry has been pleased to share their work with several other congregations across the state and it has partnered with a local Presbyterian congregation to present a Resilience workshop. Recognizing the need to present information to youth about both Adverse and Positive Experiences, including the power of peer connections, a Resilience curriculum for Youth has been developed and is awaiting the time when it can be implemented in-person.

Here is more information regarding their mission and work.

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