Posted: December 13, 2019 By: Claire Veazey, Prevent Child Abuse NC Development Director

Meet Jessica Coates, one of our monthly donors!  During this month of gratitude we want to take this opportunity to spotlight some of our supporters to learn more about their passions and personal connections.

Jessica Coates is a Raleigh native, mom, founder of a digital forensics firm in Wake Forest and first gave to Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina (PCANC) in 2015. Raised by her grandparents, Jessica found PCANC when she was searching for an opportunity to give in honor of her grandmother’s memory after she passed away.

“I choose to give monthly so that Prevent Child Abuse NC has an amount they can count on in their budgeting,” Jessica said. “Spontaneous donations are wonderful, but can’t be predicted, and I like to know that Prevent Child Abuse NC can count on me every month.”

Jessica’s grandmother lived in fear most of her childhood, growing up in Johnson County. She was raised by a single mother who did her best to protect her from harm in an unstable household. Jessica’s grandmother married at a young age to escape her situation and managed, with very few resources, to break the cycle of physical abuse from her past.

Because of her grandmother’s efforts, Jessica had a happy, stable childhood.

“She could have benefited greatly from the resources your organization provides, and would have been a donor, I believe,” Jessica said.

Jessica is very invested in the Connections Matter campaign as she also believes that everybody needs help and support because it can make such a difference in the life of a parent or caregiver who might feel alone.

“Community is key to building a healthy individual and healthy family,” Jessica said. “It truly does take a village.”

Her special connections are a tight knit group of eight other women she met at a gym years ago that range in age from 25-45 years old.

“We’ve seen each other through sickness, job changes, divorces, surgeries and illness, deaths, and recently a new baby. We travel together, babysit, pet sit, and help each other move. We even ran the 5 Factors 5K together! We make sure everyone has what they need and we organize to provide support at a moment’s notice,” Jessica explained.

Like PCANC, Jessica believes that child abuse and neglect CAN be prevented, with appropriate resources and education from well-trained, caring individuals.

“Prevent Child Abuse NC gives caregivers and our community tools to build strong, healthy families,” Jessica said. “Your organization teaches hope and offers solutions!”

Thank you, Jessica, for your support!  We are grateful for YOU!