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Paddling for Prevention

What do you get when you mix 70 miles of the Neuse River, three paddles, two fathers and one organization that focuses on strengthening families and building capacity at the local level to prevent abuse and neglect? You get Paddling for Prevention. 

North Carolina is spending too much on a preventable problem. A recent study by Prevent Child Abuse America estimates North Carolina spends $2 billion annually in downstream costs, in social services, medical costs, juvenile justice, education, foster care, etc. We know that when we invest upstream in programs that are built on science, we can strengthen families and help reduce child abuse and neglect.

Two of Prevent Child Abuse NC’s board members, Zeke Bridges and Thomas Moore, are taking this message literally and spreading it by way of a paddle board and kayak. During Child Abuse Prevention Month 2018, Bridges and Moore will invest upstream to raise awareness for the role we all play in building safe, stable, nurturing homes and communities children need to thrive.

They will begin their journey in Seven Springs, NC on April 24th and paddle 70 miles, ending in New Bern, NC on April 26th. They will battle muscle fatigue, wind, and the occasional snake (and possibly alligator) in an effort to show their commitment to NC’s children and families and challenging others to invest upstream in programs, strategies, and policies that strengthen families and communities, so children can thrive.  

We need your support to go upstream!

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