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Family Resource Center Landscape Analysis

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina (PCANC) ensures that child maltreatment prevention is a priority for North Carolina and all communities have the knowledge, support and resources to prevent child abuse and neglect. PCANC’s goal is to increase Protective Factors across North Carolina by building local capacity to implement and sustain Protective Factors in their community.

Given the potential of Family Resource Centers (FRCs) to increase Protective Factors that help strengthen families and prevent child maltreatment, PCANC was interested in exploring the status and needs of FRCs in North Carolina and the potential of supporting FRCs through a statewide network in alignment with our mission to build capacity and make child maltreatment prevention a priority. Over the past year, PCANC conducted and completed a landscape analysis of FRCs funded by The Duke Endowment.

Based on the results from the survey and focus groups, leaders of FRCs in North Carolina have an interest in joining a statewide network. Network support needs were identified in four major areas: advocacy for funding, networking, professional development and evaluation.

PCANC will use this report and findings to guide the co-creation of a FRC network in North Carolina and will continue to explore how to best support that network. We look forward to co-creating a data-driven plan with FRCs and other stakeholders to increase the capacity of North Carolina FRCs and enhance Protective Factors, strengthen families and prevent child maltreatment.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Landscape Analysis

In February 2021, PCANC received funding from The Oak Foundation to identify emerging or existing needs for policy, workforce development and/or public awareness in the primary prevention of child sexual abuse (CSA) in North Carolina. PCANC has continued to contract with ETR Services, LLC in conducting a formal landscape analysis to help us determine our strategy moving forward for CSA prevention.

Key accomplishments include:

  • 111 organizations responded to a statewide landscape survey
  • Completed a five-year scan on the policy landscape in NC and adjoining states
  • Staff focus group and white paper findings were shared with PCANC staff and leadership
  • Focus groups were conducted with external stakeholders from Child Advocacy Centers, Youth serving organizations and Faith-based organizations
  • Two PCANC staff completed Praesidium Guardian training on organizational abuse prevention

In the coming months, community partners and PCANC staff will provide feedback on strategies identified as a result of this process. This fall, PCANC leadership will consider this feedback along with all of the previous findings to identify specific strategies for our CSA prevention work moving forward.

Our Work in FY 2021-2022

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Our Work in FY 2021-2022

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