This year we promoted Prevention Programs Data Coach Dani Schenk to the role of Data and Evaluation Manager. Since joining Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina (PCANC) in 2018, Dani has increased our capacity to use data to drive our work by creating a system to track the calls and site visits of our Prevention Programs Team members. This system also allows us to evaluate the quality of support provided to our partners and determine if the number of engagements with our team are correlated with the quality of their outcomes.

Dani is now working to create interactive dashboards that track data associated with the Community Prevention Action Plans, Resilience screenings and public awareness work. She is also developing a dashboard for the policy work as those goals and strategies evolve. As the newest member of our Leadership Team, Dani brings a focus on data to PCANC’s internal strategy to maximize impact and effectively utilize resources.


Dani Schenk, Data and Evaluation Manager

Prevention Programs Dashboard

Public Awareness Data Tracker