YOU CAN #BeAConnection, especially North Carolina’s Faith Communities, especially now!

Providing Hope

When our faith communities lift-up children, families, and community members and connect them to supports and resources; they are building hope and providing essential Protective Factors. PCANC recently partnered with Institute of Emerging Issues Rural Faith and Partners in Health and Wholeness for a weeklong webinar series called Providing Hope: Strengthening and Connecting: Families, Congregations and Communities. We provided a space where faith leaders learned about the 5 Protective Factors that support children and families.  We learn best from each other and our faith leaders connected with others across the state for open conversations on how they are implementing the Protective Factors in their congregations and communities.  

You will laugh, you will cry, and you will learn from our faith leaders’ and statewide experts’ creative ways they are supporting and connecting their families and communities. 


5 Daily Discussions

Parental Resilience-Mental Well-Being

Open Conversation with Reverend Jessica Stokes of PHW
Discover ways can we help build resilience for ourselves and those caring for children and families.  “What gives me hope and strength during a difficult time is shared vulnerability especially during the isolation of COVID”.
Link to Recording

Meet Reverend Jessica Stokes

Social Emotional Competence of Children

with Kimberly Allen, PhD
Look for opportunities to, “Be in the moment”.
Link to Recording

Meet Kimberly Allen, PhD

Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development

with Dr. Dawn Baldwin Gibson of Peletah Ministries and P.A.C.E. Academy
“Helping families understand they are uniquely special”.
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Meet Dr. Dawn Baldwin Gibson

Concrete Supports

with Emma Baltezore, One Christian Network
Learn resources and ways we can connect families to essential supports. “What you learn you teach; what you get you give”.
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Meet Emma Baltezore

Social Connections

with Reverend Clifford D. Barnett Sr., Warner Temple AME Zion Church
Discover how you can #BeAConnection, make a difference, learn how to create safe spaces encouraging Connections that Matter! “Hope Providers foster connection”.
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Meet Reverend Clifford D. Barnett, Sr

Virtual Town-hall with Faith Leaders on Connection


Our NC Faith Communities are often called upon as first responders to those experiencing and who have experienced trauma. We can help our families and communities move from surviving an event to learning from it and ultimately being transformed by it. Knowing the resources available in your community and who to connect with at these agencies can make all the difference. By keeping an updated resource guide in all areas of your congregation and on your websites, you have the resources available at a moment’s notice. North Carolina has an abundance of resources to help. Here are a few essential websites that provide easily accessible supports and resources. May we recommend using a “warm transfer” approach by making the calls and connections with the person needing assistance.

North Carolina RESOURCES

For resource ideas, check out PCANC NC Connections Matter Resource Tree and Harnett County’s Resource Guide which is a uses a trauma-sensitive approach.


Prevention happens in partnership and we are honored to work with NC Council of Churches and Institute of Emerging Issues Rural Faith Communities as Anchor Institutions who are both supporting North Carolina’s Faith communities.  Should you want ideas on trauma-informed practices for you congregation, please see North Carolina’s Council of Churches Partners in Heath and Wholeness Becoming a Trauma-Informed Faith Community.  

North Carolina State’s Institute for Emerging Issues Rural Faith Communities as Anchor Institutions (RFCAI) offers resources, trainings and events that support North Carolina’s Rural Faith Communities.  


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