YOU CAN #BeAConnection, especially North Carolina’s Faith Communities, especially now!

Connections Matter

Connections matter in building better brains, better futures, and stronger communities where children, families and communities thrive. PCANC offers tools, resources, and ideas to support you in your connection efforts. Hosting a Community Café brings our families and communities together through open conversations and harvesting ideas to improve communities and inspire a call to action. If you are interested in hosting a Community Café with your congregation, please click here for ideas.

Sharing stories of connections inspires us to reach out to others. We encourage you to celebrate connections that matter by dedicating a Connected Congregations Connected Communities (A Children’s Sabbath Celebration) worship service highlighting your connection stories and recognizing the importance of caring, supportive relationships in the prevention of child abuse and neglect. PCANC has collaborated with faith leaders from across the state for ideas and resources for your Connected Congregations Connected Communities Celebration.

Connected Congregations Connected Communities
(a Children’s Sabbath Celebration)

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and we want to help you celebrate that all children deserve #GreatChildhoods. PCANC  offers many ways, both big and small, to help you celebrate and encourage your congregations in how you can YOU CAN #BeAConnection in the prevention of child abuse and neglect.


Want to learn more? PCANC offers Trainings and Events in raising awareness and continued education in prevention. Click here for upcoming training and events you may be interested in.

Prevention Action Network Newsletter (Congregational Membership) is a great way for your congregation to see what North Carolina is doing in prevention efforts. Your congregational membership includes access to webinars, discovering prevention champions across the state, and features and articles. Click here for more information.

Host a Connections Matter Presentation for your faith community.

Great things happen when we learn and share ideas and experiences with one another. Connect with NC Faith Communities through Connections Matter Congregations Monthly Forums and Connections Matter private Facebook Group. To join and receive notifications, please contact LouMecia Staton.

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