Help Me Celebrate Nurturing Positive Childhoods!

By Sharon Hirsch, PCANC President & CEO August 9, 2022 Play. Riding bikes in our neighborhood, climbing trees, playing Hide-and-Go-Seek and Kick the Can are some of the first things that come to my mind when I think about my childhood.  I was fortunate to grow up...

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We’re Still Here Building Community Prevention Action Plans

In 2020, Prevent Child Abuse NC received a grant from The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust to create the first Tri-County Regional Community Prevention Action Plan in North Carolina.  The plan is to improve coordination within and between systems to enhance care for people impacted by adverse experiences and to build resilience in southeastern NC.

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Faith Communities Building Connections that Matter 

Did you know that the positive social connections we make can rewire the neural pathways of our brains which can reduce the effects of stress and build resilience? One caring supportive adult in a child’s life can make all the difference.

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Before you go, please consider giving the gift of safe childhoods. 


 All children deserve to grow up in safe and nurturing environments.

 TOGETHER, we CAN Prevent Child Abuse, NC!