Posted: November 2, 2020

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina (PCANC) makes prevention a priority for NC and our staff, and we pride ourselves on modeling a family-friendly work culture. As we continue to anticipate working virtually through most, if not all, of this fiscal year, we want to let our partners know our intention to practice flexibility with our team. It’s always hard to balance work, family and other life stressors, but during this pandemic, it takes that to a new level of stress. We acknowledge that this is low-grade, persistent trauma for many, and it is not buffered with the usual social connections that we all need.

Our staff work with partner agencies at the state and local levels most often via Zoom video conferencing. Many on our team have children at home during the day because schools are still meeting remotely. We acknowledge that children will interrupt and require their parent’s attention from time to time during work hours, sometimes interrupting meetings with you. And that’s OK with us, and we hope it is with you. At PCANC, we celebrate seeing our colleagues’ children from time-to-time during our Zoom meetings – after all, every area of our work is focused on creating safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for our children and we know that is more important than ever during these stressful times.

These interruptions may mean that staff turn off their Zoom cameras and sound to address the needs of their children or pets. That’s okay, because we are adapting to having children in our homes while we work, as well as cats and dogs participating in our Zoom calls. Please be flexible with our team. If it is problematic, please let our team members know and we can work out alternative arrangements and reschedule to make sure that meetings are uninterrupted.

These are hard times to be a parent, an employee, and a citizen. It’s more important than ever to be focused on building strong families for our children because what happens in childhood lasts a lifetime.

Thank you for your partnership in making prevention a priority and helping us to build a family-friendly culture for all NC families.

Sharon Hirsch