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Do you suspect a child is being maltreated? Want to know how to make a referral?

All children need safe, stable, nurturing, and healthy environments for successful growth and development. As adults, we are responsible for ensuring all children have these types of environments in all areas of their lives. North Carolina law requires all adults who suspect child maltreatment to make a referral to their local Department of Social Services. You don’t need proof that maltreatment has occurred; you only need reasonable cause to suspect maltreatment. You don’t need anyone’s permission to refer a family or caregiver, either. Referrals can be anonymous.

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina works with communities to increase awareness and implementation of programs proven to strengthen families and prevent abuse before it occurs. We do not provide services directly to families or handle individual cases of maltreatment. If you suspect a child is being maltreated, please contact the Department of Social Services in your county. Contact information for your local DSS agency can be found in the North Carolina Division of Social Services Local County Directory.