Posted:January 27, 2020
By: Nadia Moreta, Prevent Child Abuse NC Partnership Engagement Manager


Photo By: Gabriel Swinney Photography

Known as “The Down 2 Earth Counselor,” Jewrine Voncile Harold-Brown is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor who serves many roles for her Cumberland County community. She provides free parenting classes, mentorships, trainings, and participates in committee work. She is a proud parent of two boys, Andrew (12) and Derrick (18) and is an exceptional example of how to #BeAConnection.

Trained as a Connections Matter trainer back in July 2019, Brown has conducted several Connections Matter trainings using the local library and her social networks, and is currently providing Connections Matter workshops specifically targeting rural areas, mental health agencies, and services that provide resources to the Cumberland County community. She credits the training for helping her develop a stronger level of humility and increasing her desire to inspire others.

“I enjoy serving my community as a motivational speaker, workshop presenter, blogger, and as a Family Advocacy Your Responsibly Brand Ambassador,” Brown said.

She faced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) early in her life, witnessing the murder of her father at the age of seven, ran away from home at the age of 16, and became a teen parent and divorcee by 21.

“I now understand that I grew up as an unidentified at-risk youth,” Brown said. “I grew up very quickly, [and] as a result, [had to] balance raising myself, attending high school, college, and running a household without proper support.”

School teachers, social workers, and her church support system were the positive social connections that helped Brown build resiliency skills after those challenging setbacks. She also utilized governmental assistance, including community programs, to establish a stable foundation for herself and her family.

Going to counseling helped Brown heal from her past experiences and at 22 years old she decided to pursue a career in that field. Brown completed her educational goal of obtaining professional licensure and even purchased her first family home at the young age of 28.

Brown demonstrates that despite life’s stumbling blocks, we can prosper when we have a nurturing community and positive support system around us.

“I attribute success to God, my support system, loved ones, a strong community, and [a] loving church family,” Brown said.

In regard to her work with the Connections Matter curriculum, she believes it helps people understand the value of facing transitions with positive social connections which impact the brain in positive ways.

Jewrine Voncile Harold-Brown is what we’d like to call a product of positive connections.

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